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Medical Education Portal supporting the effective learning and helping young doctors in common and conscious building their competences. Courses Kurs do LEK and Kurs do LDEK organised by Więcej niż LEK helped already over 3 thousand people to prepare for final exams!

 Team 'Więcej niż LEK’ is strongly involved in development of Twój Dyżur project. They not only support us in marketing and technologically, but also consult our ideas educationally.

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BODYWORK – it is a place where group of experts approach health in a comprehensive way – through activity, modern physiotherapy and proper diet.

 If you want to take care about your health and individual physical prowess in a friendly atmosphere, long way from crowded places and under the tutelage of professional coaches, it is a perfect offer for you.

ALFABET RUCHU is a compendium of the most important rules of the motor functions teaching in work of coach and physiotherapist which was created in cooperation with Bethink – we helped from the methodological side and we made the e-learning platform available for it. 

Bodywork Website

Więcej niż LEK Partners

Twój Dyżur – it is an educational initiative combining learning based on proofs and clinical experience from work. Dr Maurycy Biernat, dr Jakub Olszewski and dr Marcin Czekała work in Poznań E.R.’s, as well as they share their knowledge and passion with students of Medical University.

 In blog posts and courses which they work on, they show how to approach frequent call problems. They share their clinical experience as well as they share how to implement and  apply new standards in everyday medical practice.

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