’Mindset. The New Psychology of Success’ by Carol Dweck – 10 quotes from a book

Do you have strong faith in your beliefs? We do have it. Carol Dweck does have it as well. She emphasises that they have enormous impact on all desires and whether we will manage to realize them or not.

What would I say to myself, if I started studying again?

It isn't a guide or a set of universal principles, rather a flashback. Beginning from such seemingly trivial aspect as a place for learning, by building good habits up to time after class exploitation I’m trying to describe what I would tell myself today while being at the beginning of my studies.

How to build motivation to learn?

In recent years I had an opportunity to hold many talks with people who struggled with learning difficulties. It was easy to find reasons in many areas - from the lack of knowledge about effective learning techniques, throughout badly defined learning goals till the fact of forcing oneself to acquiring things which we aren’t fascinated by.

’Creative schools’ by Ken Robinson – 10 quotes from a book

We are convinced that revolution in education which is being emphasized by Robinson, has a chance to completely change and improve the system’s effectiveness. Are you in?