Charles Duhigg, 'The power of habit’ – book review

Thanks to Duhigg’s book you will get to know what habit loop is and how it influences your life. You have a choice. Choose wisely.

Dale’s Cone – pyramid of fakes?

How to search and choose the source of knowledge online and to verify information? Today we are taking up the subject which disturb dreams of experienced teachers, educators, psychopedagogists and educational trainers.

Generation of question bank

Let’s talk about one from newly recognised by me ‘social disorders’ on the boarder of education and cognitive psychology concerning the generation of people who learn or learnt mainly from question bank.

Do you believe in talent? Growth Mindset

As authors of an innovative e-learning we are definitely #teamgrowthmindset, and what’s more, we framed Carol Dweck on our desks. What is mindset? How does the new psychology of development of American professor from Stanford University influence perceiving reality and exploiting own potential?