’The power of habit’ by Charles Duhigg – 10 quotes from a book

Impossible is nothing, if you only work on proper habits. If you want to learn, whether habits are people’s destiny; how to get society to buy your product; how to make the first step to change all habits and at the same time your entire life – don't hesitate and start reading this book immediately.

Tomasz Garstka, 'Psychopedagogiczne mity’ – book review

Reading this book can be the first step to change for the better. It can be an inspiration for the revolution in education and perceiving teaching as… science.

’Psychopedagogiczne mity’ by Tomasz Garstka – 10 quotes from a book

The scientific scepticism and critical thinking in education are Garstka’s card. We chose 10 quotes which are convincing conclusions helping to reform educational system in Poland. Ready? Go!

Myth of learning styles

Kinesthetic? Visualizer? Audile? Who are you closer to and why will we disappoint you? Time for the next chapter of the cycle where we shatter educational myths. Spoiler alert: learning styles don't exist!

Dale’s Cone – pyramid of fakes?

How to search and choose the source of knowledge online and to verify information? Today we are taking up the subject which disturb dreams of experienced teachers, educators, psychopedagogists and educational trainers.

’Mind Mapping’ by Tony Buzan – 10 quotes from a book

We chose 10 quotations which perfectly reflect the concept of mindmapping and its validity both at school, at work, as well as in private life.

Tony Buzan, 'Mind Mapping’ – book review

Following Tony Buzan, the author of ‘Mind Maps’: make notes linearly, create schemes in such forms your brain works. The name of a mind genius and its functioning has a lot to do with above word in bold. Do you feel boredom or stimulation while making notes? It depends.

Generation of question bank

Let’s talk about one from newly recognised by me ‘social disorders’ on the boarder of education and cognitive psychology concerning the generation of people who learn or learnt mainly from question bank.

Can anyone learn to sing?

We have good news for all music lovers and fans of singing: everyone can learn to sing! So in what way can we harness our voice and submit sounds to appropriate key?

’Mindset. The New Psychology of Success’ by Carol Dweck – 10 quotes from a book

Do you have strong faith in your beliefs? We do have it. Carol Dweck does have it as well. She emphasises that they have enormous impact on all desires and whether we will manage to realize them or not.