‘By supporting the effective learning, we help people in conscious building of practical competences’.


Our life contains a lot of consequences from our earlier activities. Our actions are often results from our habits, and those are being built by our thoughts. When we control our thoughts, we control how our life is going on as well. ‘All that you are arises from your thoughts. You are what you think’ – said famous philosopher. Meaning of the word ‘bethink’ is with us not only at our work, but also in life, because in those places a development happens.

Main purpose of our mission is to help with improvement, both individual and group. We help people by inspiring to overcome own limits. It is exactly a development engine to improve ourselves. Therefore we express exactly what we want to offer… Education, Freedom, Happiness.

However lofty that sounds like, it’s incredibly practical. By investing our time in education, we can initiate long-term changes in our society. The suitable education opens the mind and developes the critical thinking and practical competences, which are important to achieve freedom. Remember – there is not enough space in our mind to experience real happiness without freedom. 

It’s easy, but not simple. Results are worth this group effort though. To make it real we have to understand what freedom is.


What is freedom?


The freedom is a state of mind being precisely halfway between reluctance and attachment.

When we are too attached to others, we become dependent on them. When we are too reluctant towards them, we become lonely.

When we are too attached to ourselves, we become proud.

When we are too reluctant towards ourselves, we fall into uncertainty and depression.

When we are too attached to the material world, we become greedy.

When we are too reluctant towards the material world, we become cynical.

When we are too attached to our own body or intellect, we become narcissistic. When we are too reluctant towards them, we become weak and we lose power needed for action.

When we are too attached to the knowledge and the idea, we become stiff.

When we are to reluctant towards them, we make still the same mistakes.

When we are too attached to our opinions, we become angry.

When we are too reluctant in a case what we think, we become susceptible to the influence of others.

Being dependent, lonely, proud, insecure or full of anxiety, greedy, cynical, narcissistic, deprived of power, stiff, confused or angry is a reason of lack of freedom. A real freedom is a state of mind where none of these emotions have impact on us. Without such a freedom no one can be truly happy.

If everyone will be act on the same understanding of the freedom, we will always bring people closer to it regardless of creating educational materials, writing texts, programming, sending packages, communicating, raising children or designing illustrations.

We feel that the way an education is being carried out, must change. We want to be this change. However in order to reach it, we must change our way of thinking about it. We should exchange industrial one into agricultural, where personalization of the process of teaching is a key feature.


Value proposition

‘We teach others how to learn effectively and we create electronic and analogue tools which are used to manage the development and our own intellectual capital’.

We carry out our mission in different ways. We create and develope the methodology of teaching and designing educational experience above all. Regardless of e-learning platform, printed textbooks, albums or courses, they all are created with using a lot of rules of effective teaching.

Publishing teams create e-learning courses which bring up a wide range of subjects. At the moment we focus on medicine, helping med students to prepare for examinations during their studies and state examinations as well. But it’s not everything, we are also working on other courses which will be released soon.

A key element of all our actions is to prepare an original e-learning and community platform where courses are carried out. It emphasises full personalization of the teaching process with possibility to contact between students as well as between students and teachers. It allows conducting the asynchronous, effective teaching which maximises our potential.

To realize their educational goal, courses must be filled up with high quality content. Therefore our work doesn’t consist only of design, but also of their production. We create a lot of educational materials: from verifiers, through transparent and visually attractive slides, all the way to audio recordings, videos or animations. Thanks to our e-learning system we also study how the construction of these materials influences achieved educational effects. It helps in improvement what shortens the time to prepare the student.



So far about 10 000 people took part in our courses. This raises not only great possibilities, but also great responsibility. Therefore we would like to invite you to realize our common mission. If you also feel that it is important. If you feel that you want and you can help.

Join us!

Join us

Company history – how did it all begin?



It all started because of… friendship. If Adam Karmiński and Dariusz Chrapek hadn’t met, our current virtual meeting here in online educational space wouldn’t have been possible. In 2015 Daro signed up for a course preparing for final med exam and frustrated by the incompetence of trainers he hit upon the idea of creating own. Adam gave him and his idea a high five and they both started long conceptual work process on LEK course.


Assumptions of Bethink’s methodology create fundamental definitions and serve as the essential axioms concerning education. So: foundation + 5 pillars influence the ultimate shape of educational experience. Our Big Five – pillars, which help us to fulfil our goals and achieve success, is:

  1. Material selection – we create interactive teaching materials in order to help students and engage them with new technology in times of being overloaded with information.
  2. Work schedule – we all know that appropriate plan which is not so easy to organize, is already a half of the educational success. Therefore we create effective tools for managing learning, pointing students at the same time how much time is really needed to solid exam preparation.
  3. Knowledge systematisation – developing conscious competence state is a main goal of this pillar. What does it mean? Building your certainty that the knowledge you are confronted with, is appropriately organised and possible to use in every moment. Moreover, integrated with what you already know.
  4. Learning together – we think that teaching others is an unusually effective method of teaching ourselves. Having a discussion, sharing suggestions, using our knowledge for the explanation stimulates a process of reconstructing information let us improve all collected educational materials. Apart from students you can meet on the platform moderators who are also teachers, and they systematically solve problems and update content.
  5. Motivation – Susan Ambrose, Carol Dweck, Ken Robinson, Barry Schwarz, Jordan Peterson and Angela Duckworth are just a few persons whose ideas create foundations of the Motivation pillar. Its purpose is to create supportive environment which will be able to help you with choosing proper educational goal and tools for achieving success.


First course

After taking a decision to create LEK course, there was a time to do huge research and read books. Team gained champions of the design and programming – because of that in 2017 we opened the first registration and started first course edition: 320 people took part in that!


A platform is an interactive tool – thanks to it you won’t come back to reading books. All teaching materials were gathered in one place. You have easy access after logging in to the platform which takes care about your effective learning.


Meet our team of specialists who are there for you and make you feel at home when it comes to our virtual educational space.


What speaks for the success is number. First course edition is 320 persons in 2017, and 7th with 3700 people learning with us, what constitutes over the 60% of all people taking an exam! And we don’t slow down! In the meantime we created LDEK course – during 3rd edition 430 persons were studying with us!

Building the organization

Idea of creating LEK course expanded massively, so now we consistently build up the cohesive organization based on the mutual confidence, fully transparent and consisted of people who aspire to grow and create the environment which motivates, inspires and influences reality not only in the area of education.

Learning and development

It is our dream to make people free, and effective education with conscious managing our own intellectual capital is a way to fulfill that. We believe that education causes the development of the critical thinking, next to the self-reliance and freedom which gives the chance to be happy – these values show us right direction of development and push our actions.

These two values – growth & contribution – are fundamental for our team. What brings us together is the desire for working on others’ good, but we also invest in our own improvement which has no end. We care for each other’s satisfaction based on 3 pillars: autonomy, competences and higher goal.


Our success is based on huge faith in Growth Mindset, the idea of Carol Dweck about the influence on our attitude to motivation for being active and learning as well. We always aim high and incessantly explore the area of education so that we could fill its gaps and propose high-tech solutions for the entire system. Stay tuned – soon we are going to release something new. 

If you feel that you can help us to improve our common mission – join us!

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