Google Maps has nothing to do with Tony Buzan’s mind maps. The app does things for you while mind maps in opposite – they involve your mind 100% and allow to build endless semantic networks. The Buzan’s method stimulates creativity, improves an ability to think, organizes the entire information database which brain processes. We chose 10 quotations which perfectly reflect the concept of mindmapping and its validity both at school, at work, as well as in private life. Ready to go?

Perhaps you will think: ‘why do I need mind maps if I systematically take notes?’. Well, linearity has its limits and not without reason e.g. university libraries are often called public bedrooms, because students fall asleep on books and notes, enormously weary. In order to avoid the nap by the shared desk between bookshelves, we recommend creative use of your mind’s multifactorness. Reach for all functions of the brain conciously (words, symbols, numbers, hierarchy, sets, analysis, associations, rhythms, visualisation, sense of space, imagination). Be like da Vinci!


  1. ‘Whoever and wherever you are, while reading these words, you are using the most wonderful, most tremendous, most complicated and secret tool in the entire universe – your brain’.
  2. ‘Every data bit reaching your brain – every impression, memory or the thought (containing words, numbers, tastes, smells, lines, colours, images, rhythms, sounds, textures) – we can conventionally describe it as the bullet with hundreds, thousands, millions of hooks sticking out of it. Each of them symbolizes some association, whereas every association has an own net of more distant connections. It is possible to call such a semantic system an own database or the library of your mind’.
  3. Mindmapping will make you realize what capacity your mind is given and will help you multiply its productivity. Proper data storing improves the process of thinking. Your brain can sometimes look like a badly packed suitcase or the library without the catalogue. Mind maps are next step to linear thinking (‘one-dimensional’) through lateral (‘two-dimensional’) to multidirectional’.
  4. ‘The fact that we have only few common associations with specific word, image or idea proves how different we are from ourselves. Every man is unique. You have trillions of associations in your mind which never crossed and will never cross other person’s mind’.
  5. ‘Full validity of mind maps becomes apparent when in its centre and in all other places, where it is appropriate, an image is put, not a word. Connecting two mind abilities – verbal and visual – heightens its creativity, particularly if you create own symbols and sign systems’.
  6. ‘Mind maps are combined with two kinds of factors: external so the source of information (book, lecture, newspaper, television etc.) and internal so brain activities (decision making, analysis and creativity)’.
  7. ‘Everyone who teaches others must realize that the first lesson for students should be how to properly use our brain. Learning of an intellectual efficiency is as equally important as counting and an alphabet’.
  8. ‘The change of paradigm means the global change in thinking about fundamental assumptions taken over by the mankind in specific historical period. Darwin’s theory as well as Einstein’s are good examples. They are paradigms which replaced former systems of thinking. Mind maps are wonderful tool to note a change of paradigm’.
  9. ‘Mind map supports and reflects the process of intellectual searching and improvement’.
  10. ‘Both types of mind maps are inseparably conjugated so while drawing memory maps, we simultaneously improve our creativity, whereas drawing creative maps improves our abilities to remember. It is like perfect self-regulating system’.


What do you think about that? Are you staying with traditional method of making notes or perhaps you will help yourself with quite big change to make considerable use of all your brain’s possibilities to gain even bigger knowledge so far? Remember, your mind is versatile. Don’t let yourself persuade that it’s not.